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25 Stations Accessibility Study

UIL led a multi-disciplinary team to address the challenge of providing accessible platforms to commuter rail trains at 25 stations in Massachusetts. The team included accessibility experts, railway engineers, construction and code experts, and historic preservation specialists.


These stations present significant design challenges due to track geometry, limited right-of-way, and physical constraints. The approach developed a first-phase program of mini-high platforms that can be quickly implemented and provide accessible stations for the entire system. This will be followed by a second-phase, long-term solution that provides parking, pick-up and drop-off areas, clear paths of travel, as well as full-length, high platforms.


UIL worked closely with the MBTA’s System-Wide Accessibility Department to expand the definition of accessibility beyond wheelchair users to include people with different mobility challenges for them to take advantage of the public transportation provided by the Commuter Rail system. In addition, UIL worked closely with the MBTA’s Railroad Operations Department to ensure acceptability of the proposed concepts.

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