Urban Idea Lab

Our vision

Every project brings an opportunity for a meaningful experience. Our approach is people-centric; every project should bring delight to and serve its users. We view each place in context; no matter how small, it is a catalyst for positive change to its surrounding environment. The key to a successful project is a strong multi-disciplinary collaboration from project inception, to develop innovative solutions. Each project must meet the objectives of city and community building and achieve urban design excellence.

Meet our team

Our team of Boston-based urban designers and architects have extensive experience in transportation infrastructure architecture and transit-oriented development projects across the country. They bring that expertise to their work on roadways, bridges, and public transportation projects.

a man in a suit and tie standing in front of a brick wall

Don Kindsvatter, AIA, AICP, LEED AP

Senior Architect, Urban Designer

Don Kindsvatter has over thirty years of experience in the planning and implementation of urban infrastructure projects in New England and across the country. He often leads or works as part of an interdisciplinary team and has experience collaborating with a wide variety of professionals such as civil and traffic engineers, environmental specialists, and economic consultants. He is a long-term resident of Boston and has worked on a wide range of transportation related urban design projects in the city and surrounding communities.


Don is experienced in community involvement and has managed community engagement processes including facilitation and public presentations. He has a proven track record in understanding and clearly communicating the technical issues and trade-offs of planning and designing in complex urban situations. His knowledge of transit station-area planning and corridor analysis, combined with experience on streetscape projects, provides a broad foundation for designing public spaces, streets, sidewalks and bikeways, and interfaces with transit facilities. He is experienced in working with multi-agency advisory groups and balancing the needs of diverse users.