Privacy Policy

Urban Idea Lab is committed to protecting the privacy of our website users. The following Privacy Statement describes how Urban Idea Lab collects and uses information gathered regarding the users of this site. As a general rule, Urban Idea Lab will not disclose users’ information to third parties, except with user consent or as required by law.

This website does not gather any information about users beyond the typical traffic monitoring statistics pro- vided by commonly available website analytic tools. This includes identifying IP addresses and files accessed. Urban Idea Lab will periodically generate reports on this information as a tool to help improve the functional- ity of this site by identifying which parts of the site are visited most frequently and the many different ways in which users reach the site. While user sessions may be collected and aggregated in this way, Urban Idea Lab does not collect any personal information on site users through cookies or by requesting any such informa- tion through forms or surveys. At no time will Urban Idea Lab disclose the usage of the site by individual IP addresses.

An announcement of any changes to this policy will be posted on the Urban Idea Lab website before any changes go into effect.

The effective date of this policy is November 1, 2017.