Project Overview


Location: Providence, RI
Client: Mass Bay Transportation Authority
Prime Consultant: Arup
Cost: N/A
Date Completed: N/A


Downtown Providence Unified Vision

The creation of a Unified Vision for improvements of the civic spaces in Downtown Providence provides an opportunity to create a more inclusive environment for the diverse communities living, working, and visiting in the area. UIL is working as accessibility designers on a multi-disciplinary team to create a truly accessible public space network and climate resilient infrastructure. The definition of accessibility at UIL goes beyond ADA compliance and incorporates Universal Design principles striving to find design solutions that serve all uses.

UIL’s planning and design approach covers multiple levels and scales. At the broadest scale, our goal is to improve the accessibility of the study area with a continuous wide, level, and unobstructed path of travel that accommodates a range of user abilities. Ensuring there are also accessible routes that extend beyond specific locations within the system to the surrounding neighborhoods will contribute to the enjoyment of the downtown by all users.

The project will create a blueprint for a lively, connected public space network that can function as gathering places and improve the experience for multiple groups of users ranging from transit riders and downtown workers to residents and out-of-town visitors.