Project Overview

Location: Boston, MA
Client: MassDOT
Prime Consultant: Tetra Tech
Cost: N/A
Date Completed: N/A

Allston Interchange Pedestrian Bridges

UIL was asked to join the project team to design two pedestrian and bicycle bridges that will make critical connections between new development in the project area and the surrounding neighbourhood. One bridge crosses over the Turnpike replacing an existing bridge that is currently not accessible and the other is located over Soldiers Field Road and will provide a connection to the Charles River Esplanade and the Paul Dudley White Bike Path.

UIL’s design approach was based on context, the user experience, and views both from and of the bridge. The bridge superstructure is designed to minimize the depth of the deck and to provide a sense of protection and enclosure for users traveling over these busy roadways. Additionally, the superstructure will act as an iconic landmark, providing a sense of place and as an aid to wayfinding.