Jen Faigel


Jen Faigel’s work is focused on leveraging commercial real estate development as a means to support community revitalization, promote small business development, create jobs, and encourage private investment in low-income communities across Massachusetts.



Pat Gray

Pat Gray is a strategic leader with extensive experience as the executive director of a mission-based non-profit organization. She is a versatile consultant with other non-profit boards,  leaders and organizations around issues of leadership and organizational development, change management and mission impact.


Pat’s key skills include:


  • Creating timely and decisive goals, strategies and action plans.
  • Aligning people, practices, and programs with organizational vision, mission, and values.
  • Managing complex organizations and operations with multiple sites and national activities.
  • Facilitating thoughtful conversations, asking challenging questions, encouraging bold ideas.
  • Shaping a culture that attracts and retains talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Public speaking and training—helping others find their voices.





Diana Markel

Diana Markel is a highly experienced urban and neighborhood revitalization professional with over 20 years of leadership and hands-on expertise planning and implementing change in public, private, and non-profit venues. Her primary interest is in the challenges cities face in tackling vacant and abandoned building issues and working on revitalization strategies.


As Assistant Commissioner in New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Diana managed programs to rehabilitate and sell city-owned property and increase neighborhood-based property ownership, expanding capacity of local entrepreneurs and community-based non-profits while revitalizing neighborhoods.


As an affordable housing real estate developer, Diana led the development of multi-million dollar affordable housing developments in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. In her consulting work, she delivered technical assistance on community revitalization projects for public housing agencies and private for and non-profit companies involved in housing and community development. She holds a Master’s Degree in City Planning from MIT, where she was selected as outstanding student.


As a founding member of the Urban Idea Lab, Diana is committed to the concept of using the built environment, the buildings that make up urban neighborhoods, to create opportunities for the residents of those neighborhoods.





Etty Padmodipoetro

Etty Padmodipoetro is an architect and urban designer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout her career, her main focus has always been on urban planning, revitalization and transportation oriented development related projects.


Prior to the formation of Urban Idea Lab, she played a major role in the design of new urban spaces created as a result of Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel Project. On this largest highway project in the nation, she was the lead architect and urban designer responsible for the East Boston section of the Project.  She facilitates the public outreach and urban design interface between various neighborhoods and the highway agencies. Working closely with community groups, she helped develop parkland, buffer areas, development parcels, highway aesthetics, architectural components, and integrate public arts as part of the mitigation of the expanded highway system.